Meet Our Vendors

Vendors are in Alphabetical order.

Broken & Together

(605) 659 – 0580 (605) 310 – 2190      Meckling, SD

Products: broken glass art

People you may see at our booth: DJ, Michele Lindner, and kids

Flame Point Studio     a sunny, plant-filled studio in Vermillion, SD

Hana Russell loves taking fantastical ideas and making them real. Her greatest inspirations are mythology and the natural world. When she is not making art, Hana is working in her garden or hiking.

Products: original art, prints, coloring books, calendars, stickers, & keychains.

People you may see at our booth: Hana Russel (owner), Grace Ludwig (assistant)

At the VAFM on Saturdays and at Winter Markets

Grounded Coffee Roasting

(605) 215 – 6573      Harrisburg, SD

Our coffee is micro-roasted, which means it is packaged immediately after roasting, giving the freshest, best flavor possible.

Products: Fresh Roasted Coffee

People you may see at our booth: Doug, Robert, Matthew, Brenda

At the VAFM on Saturdays through April, then TBD

Gundy’s Farmers Market

(605) 660 – 5922     rural Mission Hill, SD

We sell all natural, farm fresh products, which are locally grown.

All of our cuts of meat are antibiotic and hormone free, as well as USDA inspected and approved.

We are proud to serve you! Thank you for supporting your local farmers!

Products: Eggs, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Chicken, Honey

People you may see at our booth: Jon (Gundy), Diana, and Jade along with people that enjoy cooking and eating healthy, home-raised foods that are free of drugs, hormones, and harmful chemicals.

At the VAFM on Thursdays

Hebda Produce

(605) 665 -2806  text: (605) 857 – 0139)     Mission Hills, SD

I grow organic but am not certified. I use worm castings, fish, calcium, phosphorous, and sugar.

I am big on Brix testing. Natural sugars in the plant and product. The higher the number, the higher the nutrition value and longer shelf life.

Starting out 14th year. Hebda Produce: Your Healthy Choice.

Products: jams/salsa/pickled products, fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread, rolls, and pies

People you may see at our booth: Dale or Lupita

At the VAFM on Thursdays in summer and Saturdays in winter

Heikes Family Farm

222 – 1423    1408 317th St, Vermillion, SD 57069

Products: fresh local produce, eggs, chicken, turkey, ham

On-Farm Pickup also available

At the VAFM on Saturdays

Hummingbird Ranch Creations

(605) 310 – 4696     Rural Yankton, SD

Just starting out… I used to give these as gifts. Then thought I’d try to sell them. Putting these together is mainly a hobby… I love the miniature garden world!

I have always been artsy, but haven’t tried to sell anything in many, many years! Looking forward to meeting new people and getting my name out there. Great opportunity!

Products: miniature, fairy, & gnome gardens; at a later time pallet art and dog treats

People you may meet at our booth: Lisa, Deb

At the VAFM on Thursdays. Maybe Saturdays

Irish Twins Soap Co.

(605) 351 – 9564 or (605) 321 5711     Store Downtown Beresford

Products: soap, candle, and body care

At the VAFM on Thursdays, when we can make it

Mallett Bees

(712) 223 – 5476     Salix, IA

I’m a beekeeper and a produce farmer. We put in extra work to maintain honeybee colonies and grow produce without the use of harsh chemicals that are detrimental to both our health and the environment around us.

Products: honey, produce, beeswax products, jams

People you may meet at our booth: producer or family member

At the VAFM on Thursdays

Rogers Willows

(712) 253 – 7805     Rural Newcastle, NE

Products: diamond willow products and decor

People you may meet at our booth: Corey and/or Latricia Rogers

Secret Pleasure Soap & More


(605) 660 – 8692     Irene, SD

I am a nurse by profession. I decided it was time for me to enjoy my grandchildren and children – Making soap and body products seemed to be a good fit. I love creating new soap designs and embeds for other soaps.

I wish I would have done this years ago.

Products: Soaps, Sugar Scrubs, Soaking Salts, Lip Balm Sticks, Lip Balm Pots, Shower Steamers, Special Order Soaps

People you may meet at our booth: Owner & my children & grandchildren

At the VAFM on Thursdays and Saturdays

Starboy Art

(605) 202 – 1412     Vermillion, SD

Products: Beadwork & Quillwork

People you may meet at our booth: Kate Wheeler, Emma Vermillion, Wicrahrpi Iron Horn

At the VAFM during Winter Markets

Taylored Cupcakes

(703) 859 – 1267     Vermillion, SD

At Taylored Cupcakes, every cupcake is created from scratch, especially for you. We have a variety of flavors that are perfect for every occasion from weddings to baby showers, birthdays, etc.

Products: cupcakes

People you may meet at our booth: Sara Taylor, Jim Taylor

At the VAFM on Thursdays

Thoughts That Count

(213) 864 – 7318     Obert, NE

Hi, I’m Samantha Collins. I enjoy making jewelry with my grandmother’s love of earrings in mind. I also started doing some crafts.

Products: Handmade Jewelry, Crafts

People you may meet at our booth: Samantha Collins, Pantera Rogers

At the VAFM on Thursdays and Saturdays

Waucapona Farms

(402) 254 – 3429     240 acres, 3 miles North 5.25 miles East of Hartington, NE

Cattle are humanely raised on certified organic pasture, hay, and haylage. No drugs or hormones are fed.

They are slaughtered in a federally inspected locker in Wausa, NE. The customer can instruct the locker on how to process their beef.

You are welcome to come to the farm to see how the cattle are raised.

Products: Grass-fed beef cuts, split 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef

People you may meet at our booth: Marvin DeBlauw or Jeremiah Hintz

At the VAFM on Thursdays

Ufford Hills Ag.

(605) 677 – 8775     3691 E Main St. Vermillion, SD 57069

The sixth generation, born and raised. Supporting Clay County since 1862.

Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze, and Tuesday Country Market.

Products: grass-fed beef, goat meat, jewelry, salsa, spicy pepper powders, seasonal produce

People you may meet at our booth: Alex, Stephanie, Brayden

At the VAFM on Thursdays and Saturdays